Police: Former officer's stalking intended to make victim fear for her life

Southaven court records show new information into a stalking case that involves a former Memphis Police Department officer. An affidavit shows the victim feared for her life on at least one occasion.

Joshua Barnes was arrested for a fifth time this year on Wednesday. Police say he violated a protection order, and the 28-year-old was charged with violation of probation.

Several of his arrests involved stalking an ex-girlfriend.  According to court records in late March, Southaven police said Barnes knowingly, willfully, maliciously and repeatedly stalked a victim by continuing to leave multiple notes on her vehicle with vulgar messages with the intent to put the victim in reasonable fear of death or great bodily injury.

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We asked Deborah Clubb, who works with the Women’s Alliance, about Barnes’ behavior.

“As intense and obsessed as that behavior looks to be, I do worry about a really violent ending to this,” Clubb told FOX13.

Clubb said the court system needs to take more action.

“They need to put him in jail if he's been stalking and had five violations. He needs to have some jail time,” Clubb said.

Barnes was given a psychological test becomes a Memphis police officer.

Mike Collins, a former law enforcement officer, took that same evaluation. He told FOX13 it does not test for what might be going on in someone’s personal life.

“Does this person have the mental capacity to become a police officer, that's the biggest question” Collins said.

Before Wednesday, Barnes was most recently arrested last Friday, June 24. He was charged with stalking after his ex-girlfriend and another victim said he was taking pictures outside of a home where the victims were in Midtown on June 14.

In January, police say he placed a tracking device underneath his ex-girlfriend’s car, while still an officer with the Memphis Police Department.

So what recourse do victims have? Only the courts can decide that.

Barnes is set to face a judge on Friday.  His bond is set at $100,000.