Four Christian rappers spread hope through music at juvenile detention center

Four Christian rappers spread hope through music at juvenile detention center

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Four Memphis rappers made it their mission to spread hope through music when they performed to a group of teenagers in jail.

The group performed on Friday morning at the Shelby County Juvenile Detention Center and now their good deed is going viral on social media.

“They are in jail, not free yet and said they want Jesus and its not fake,” said Christian rapper James Todd.

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Each rapper said any of them could’ve been sitting in the same jail but their faith in God turned their lives around.

“It was heartfelt because of course I had times in my life in the past when I was doing some of those same things, said Christian rapper Terry Kilpatrick.

This is the first time Terry Kilpatrick “Troop Music”, Malik Johnson “MKJ”, James Todd and Timon Clark “Godz Warriah” performed together for a group of juveniles.

Malik Johnson has performed four times at the juvenile detention center in the past. He said it was important to combine forces to share the word of Jesus.

“They were completely engaged and eating up every word that we were saying,” said Johnson.

Timon Clark said seven years ago he could’ve been in the same jail. He said his faith in God changed his life and now it is his mission to help out others.

“Where there are will not dictate where they will be,” said Clark.

Clark said what touched him the most was seeing the positive reaction from the crowd especially from a young man who he said recently survived a shooting.

“That kid was spared so he could hear this message and my prayer is that it could change his life,” said Clark.

The group is not only impacting the teenagers’ lives in jail but their own lives by seeing the difference they make.

“I was going to be right there with them, either that or dead but now I’m on the other side of that. I can bring more if I’m not bringing more what are we doing,” said Johnson.

The group plans on performing at the juvenile detention center again and 201 Poplar.

The rappers said they have kept in touch with many of the juveniles released from jail and can see how their lives have been changed.