FOX13 Investigates after obtaining video of alleged police brutality

FOX13 is investigating and putting together a story that involves the suspension of five Memphis police officers for police brutality.

FOX13 is breaking this story after months of asking for surveillance video that shows the incident. Now, we have it for you to see.

It happened at the Express Stop on Horn Lake Road in South Memphis.

In the video, you see a man pumping gas. The two Memphis police cars pull up.

These officers were looking for someone who had possibly threatened an off duty sheriff's deputy by waving a gun during a road rage incident... someone driving a gold pick up, just like the one in the surveillance video.

The officers approach Cartrell Williams as he is pumping gas.

After verbal commands to, "Get down on the ground," the officer tries to put Williams hands behind his back.

Williams snatches his hand away from the officer. Then, the two officers wrestle Williams to the ground and cuff him.

What you see in the video next is the real issue in question... the officer gets up, but keeps his suspect down by putting his foot on Williams' back, and he keeps it there for one minute and 40 seconds.

FOX13 actually timed it on the video.

That officer, Benjamin Huff, got the longest suspension... 30 days. But four others were punished too.

No gun was found. The men in the truck had stopped to get gas

There is still much more to share about this story. FOX13 is asking questions and digging deeper to put the story into context and will have that on-air at 9 and 10.