FOX13 Investigates: False burglary alarms in Memphis

The City of Memphis has been busy dealing with 60,000 burglary calls and almost all of them were bogus.

"99 percent of those have been false, so that is 55,000 plus that have been false alarms. so that is 55-thousand plus times we traveled unnecessarily to a home or business that we traveled to hoe or a business that ended up not being an emergency," Doug McGowen, Memphis Chief Operating Officer, said.

FOX13 Investigates requested city records for a two year span that showed the top two offenders was a church with a 109 and the Memphis Police Academy with 81.

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Other top violators included stores and a distribution center.

"We know there are way too many false alarms and we know we have to do something to drive down that number of false alarm calls. It is something we just can't afford a community," McGowen said.

But what to do is the question since the number of the most egregious violators paid little or no fines.

The council and the administration plan to review the current ordinance that allows false alarms before someone is fined.

"I good start would be to look at how many free passes you get before you are issued a citation.  There are going to be limits according to state law about how much we can do. But, taking a fresh look at the ordinance to give us all the power that we need," McGowen said.