FOX13 Investigates: Follow-up to potential rodent feces found at Kroger in Clarksdale

The Clarksdale Kroger was closed for "upgrades" Tuesday, according to two signs posted on the windows. It comes a day after a FOX13 investigation into allegations by shoppers of rodent feces on the store's shelves and floors.
A Kroger spokesperson emailed FOX13, "We are doing a full inspection of the store and making sure this doesn't happen again."
Monday a FOX13 viewer sent photos of potential rodent droppings on shelves and packaging inside the Clarksdale Kroger. Now, the store is closed for cleaning following a FOX13 investigation.
“This was the worst one I saw: the nest in the noodles is what we call it,” Lauren Fondren said while showing a picture of what looked like an animal nest in a pack of noodles.
Fondren is the shopper who sent us pictures of what she said is rodent feces on shelves of the Clarksdale Kroger. Tuesday afternoon, she sent new pictures that showed a closed sign on the door and a pest control truck parked out front.

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“I think it's a good proactive step taken by Kroger to handle whatever problems they might have,” shopper Don Cumbest said.
Cumbest has shopped at the store for years, and he told FOX13 he has seen some of the problems we were told about too.
“I've seen mouse droppings on some of the shelves, and I've heard other people comment on that too,” Cumbest said.
FOX13 obtained Retail Food Establishment Inspection reports for the Clarksdale Kroger through a public records request. Just last month, the Kroger was cited for "spilled eggs in the dairy cooler" and it failed for improper labeling on produce.
In February, FOX13 discovered the Clarksdale store was cited because "flour shelf, sugar, powdered sugar shelves need to be cleaned." The store still passed that part of the inspection; a director at the State Department of Agriculture told FOX13 it's because this isn't considered a "critical violation."
“My experience here has always been good, and I think they maybe had a problem for a little longer than they may be aware of,” Cumbest said.

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