• FOX13 Investigates: the cleanliness of Memphis city pools


    How safe and how clean are the Memphis city pools your kids love to swim in on a hot summer day? 

    Pictures that the FOX 13 Investigators snapped show the Ed Rice pool had dirty water and floating debris. Another picture shows once the pool was drained, there was mud and dirt at the bottom.

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    This got the FOX 13 Investigators questioning how clean the water is in these city pools.

    Two years of inspection reports found the Health Department closed down four pools in the last two years over those safety concerns.

    Inspectors found ten broken or missing lifesaving buoys and found no chlorine or low levels of chlorine eight times. Inspectors call those two things critical items.

    The Health Department does inspections every year.

    “The inspection report is a snap shot of what's going on at a pool at a particular time on a particular day,” Yolanda Woods of the Memphis Health Department said.

    The outdoor pools open in the beginning of June, and we found some Health Department inspections didn’t happen until several weeks later.

    Joseph Lee oversees the city-run pools.

    “If we're registering low on our different chemicals then we add more chemicals to the water,” Lee said.

    He also said pool managers and lifeguards do chemical tests on the water every day the pools are open.

    “We think that we have water that is appropriate for public swimming pools,” Lee said. “When we do our tests every two hours, we're making sure that we're within the safety levels of those tests.”

    Above the daily tests done at each pool, the city has ten days to fix any critical item found by the Health Department. The city has fixed each concern within that time frame over the last two years and is in full compliance with health standards.

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