• FOX13 Investigates: Uncovering defense strategy for Shanynthia Gardner

    By: Greg Coy


    FOX13 has uncovered new information about the defense strategy in the case of the mother accused of stabbing four of her children to death. 

    We obtained a court document filed during Shanynthia Gardner's video arraignment on Tuesday.

    The motion to preserve evidence details some of the physical evidence her defense lawyer Craig Morton wants to find.  Morton wants to collect any type of evidence that existed online that was collected by investigators before it was removed. 

    "If you read the motion, it will tell you," Morton told FOX13 outside the courtroom Tuesday.

    FOX13 read the three-page document.  Morton is curious if the evidence ranges from physical to electronic.  According to the motion, Morton wants blood and urine samples investigators took from Gardner. 

    He also has requested surveillance footage, e-mails, text messages, cell phone records, voicemails and even deleted and backed up files to be preserved.

    "It is all evidence that law enforcement has gathered thus far in this incident," Morton told FOX13.

    Gardner's defense attorney also wants all social media posts, tweets, chats and any form of social media communication.

    Gardner's husband erased his Facebook page the day after his wife was taken into custody.   

    "At this juncture, it is too early to make comments on this case. There are a lot of unknown concerning every aspect of the case," Morton said to if the evidence will point to his client suffering from any form of mental illness. 

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    FOX13 Investigates: Uncovering defense strategy for Shanynthia Gardner