FOX13 Investigates: Update on the murder of Jessica Chambers case

It has been a little over eight months since 19-year-old Jessica Chambers was set on fire and left to die on a Panola County back road.
A FOX13 investigation uncovered what appear to be new leads and a renewed hope in the case.
Panola County Lead investigator Barry Thompson was in court all day and could not speak on camera, but he did say he felt good about the case. He added investigators are still tying some things together.

>> Jessica Chambers father discusses his added grief

The sense of optimism has spilled over to Jessica's father, Ben Chambers. 
"My thoughts right now are more positive, and I have new hope right now since the investigation,” Chambers said. “I talked to the investigator and he gave me some good information.”
FOX13 has learned that 12 to 15 more people have recently been interviewed by investigators. We were also told investigators are still looking for key evidence, but they are keeping that information closely guarded.
Ben Chambers told us he thinks he knows who killed his daughter, and he thinks the law knows too. 
"Oh yes sir; it's definitely coming to a close,” Chambers said. “They know who done it and they got proof. They just need some more proof.”

>> Lead investigator updates Jessica Chambers murder case

Chambers said the day his daughter's killer is put behind bars will be bitter sweet. He is hoping for justice, but he knows nothing can bring her back.
Panola County investigators are not putting a time table on the case. Ben Chambers told FOX13 he believes his daughter's killer will be behind bars in a matter of months. 

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