• Dozens of complaints filed against Memphis-based online shoe company, BBB warns

    By: Leah Jordan


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A local company that says it is selling shoes and helping less fortunate children may not be fulfilling their claims. 

    “Tippy Tot Shoes” customers have reported 26 complaints to the Better Business Bureau just this year. According to the BBB, the company has not responded to six of the complaints.

    It now has an “F” rating with the BBB.

    The business is owned by a Memphis woman, Yolandra Rodgers. 

    Online shoppers told officials they buy shoes from the shoe site, but that is where the communication typically ends. The complaints are racking up from across the country.

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    “They didn’t get the merch they ordered. And when they tried to reach out to the company, they couldn’t get in touch with them,” said Nancy Crawford of BBB.

    There are 26 complaints about Tippy Tots since January:

    • 6 are unanswered
    • 4 are resolved
    • 6 are pending

    A woman in Kansas told BBB she placed an order for $60.50 and has not received her merchandise. 

    "Although you can’t beat the convenience of getting what you need at the click of a button, consumers are urged to check out any online retailer prior to ordering to be sure the business is reputable," the BBB said. 

    FOX13 tracked down the home associated with Rodgers’ online shop to ask why so many customers said the company is unresponsive to their problems and complaints.

    When she didn’t answer the door, FOX13’s Leah Jordan tried to phone numbers. Neither produced a response.

    Crawford said unanswered and unresolved problems are a red flag. 

    “That’s generally when the company says they’re going to do something and they don’t do it,” said Crawford.

    According to Crawford, you should use a credit card and document everything – including purchase confirmations and pictures of what you expect to get from the seller.

    That way, if an issue arises, you will be able to go back to the credit card company to fight the charges.

    “That’ll be documentation you can use,” Crawford said. “You want to look for a physical address and phone number on a website before you order from them.”

    Also, look at the return policy. How long do you have to return merchandise? 

    And if you don’t get your items at all, you can dispute the charges with PayPal or the credit card company.

    Another tip Crawford had was to make sure the website has contact information.

    On Tippy Tots’ website, there is a field to “submit a question,” but there is no real way to contact the seller, which could be considered a red flag.

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