East Memphis woman claims Shelby Co. detectives trashed home

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An East Memphis woman claimed Shelby County detectives were too heavy handed when they arrested the father of her children.

Luerese Turner told FOX13 detectives barged into her home last Tuesday with guns drawn and frightened her and her children.

According to the arrest affidavit, detectives found the father of the children, Maurice Telford, and drugs in the home.

Turner insists that detectives could have handled the situation better.

“They put guns to our face and forced everyone to the ground," said Turner.

Turner showed FOX13 the court documents she got on her own.

She said she is upset that detectives seized her cars and other personal items, but none of them are itemized in any of the reports she got.

“They took my house keys. They took my daughter entire wallet, guard license, social security cards and insurance cards," said Turner.

The affidavit stated that detectives found what is described as drugs, such as cocaine and crack cocaine flushed down the toilet. They also found some pot, which Turner admitted she uses for her own personal use.

Turner wants to know if detectives came looking for Maurice Telford and found him, why did she and her children have to suffer such an embarrassment.

“I would like to know why was I even harassed in their investigation for someone else," said Turner.

she told me she has filed a complaint with internal affairs.

FOX13 reached out the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office for a comment. A spokesman said he is still trying to verify that a complaint was filed to internal affairs. If it was, then no comment until the investigation is completed.