Families affected by TennCare's removal of more than 120,000 children's insurance coverage

WATCH: TennCare coverage dropped

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — TennCare erased coverage for more than 128,000 children across the state and the Governor of Tennessee is vowing to look into the situation.

According to data, more than 128,000 kids were purged from TennCare or Coverkids, which are the two government health insurance programs for low-income families.

The programs dropped the kids because they were no longer qualified or because their parents did not respond to mandatory renewal forms mailed over the last three years, according to state officials.

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Overall, the number of kids enrolled in TennCare has plummented since 2016.

A similar program, CoverKids, has seen even more drastic drops in the last 14 months.

The Tennessean's report showed that between December 2016 and January 2019, one in eight kids in TennCare were disenrolled.

According to reports, the current loss of insurance could be a lot higher than that -- TennCare initially released data showing an additional 52,000 children were removed in February, which would be the biggest drop in any month on record.

As of now, officials deny those numbers and claim their data was incorrect, but new data for February has not been made public yet.

During a press conference earlier today, The Justice Center vowed to help as many families as possible recover their TennCare insurance.