Former MPD K-9 officer set up companies to breed and sell puppies online, documents show

WATCH: MPD K-9 unit under investigation

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — FOX13 has uncovered new information in a Memphis police K-9 breeding scandal.

Not only was the officer directly involved fired, but several MPD brass were disciplined as well.

ORIGINAL STORY: Two MPD officers relieved of duty, accused of breeding police K-9s with family pets

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K-9 officer Carl Craig tried to set up a business, selling puppies online for $1,500. He told investigators the litter was the result of his dog accidentally mating with a K-9 dog owned by Memphis police.

Craig was caught, investigated and fired.

"That is an egregious violation of department rules," said retired Shelby County Lt. Mike Collins.

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There was a four-month investigation into Craig and the K-9 unit. It resulted in a 200-page report.

The report showed that MPD learned about what Craig was doing through an anonymous tip. The person accused Craig of embezzlement, but he has not been charged.

The documents also showed that a sergeant and lieutenant for that K-9 unit were aware what Craig had done when they saw puppies at the facility. Craig even told investigators one of the sergeants knew of his plans to sell the litter online.

According to police documents, Craig set up two businesses: Mid-South Kennels and K-9 Solutions. Investigators discovered Craig advertised online.

One man from California bought one of the puppies for $1,800, which included transporting the dog on an airplane after the two exchanged text messages.

When confronted by investigators, Craig told them he was using the puppies to start a "pilot program" in which he would sell three puppies to be trained as police dogs for MPD.

He said the rest would be sold to cover his expenses for care, but investigators didn't believe it.

"He knew what the value of that dog was and how he could use it for his own personal gain. Without a doubt I can see this being some type of honest mistake," Collins said.

For the rest of the dogs in that litter, FOX13 learned they were sent to a rescue that specialized in that type of breed.

A spokesperson for police said those dogs have been adopted to good homes.

Craig was fired, but the sergeant and lieutenants involved were written up for neglect of duty. Craig was rehired by the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department in April 2019.