FOX13 Investigates: Pharmacist sues St. Francis Hospital for racial discrimination

WATCH: Pharmacist sues hospital for discrimination

FOX13 Investigates dug deep into public records after we learned a pharmacist is suing an entire hospital.

Tracy McGee claimed she is being racially discriminated against at St. Francis Hospital.

McGee has worked at St. Francis Hospital since March 2016.

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She supervises anywhere from 60 to 70 people a day, according to the 48 page lawsuit.

In her job as a Pharmacy Operations Manager, McGee learned all of the white male pharmacists made more money than her so, she expressed her concerns to human resources.

In December of 2018, McGee went on medical leave – and while she was gone, the lawsuit states there was a disparity in narcotics at the pharmacy.

St. Francis Hospital allegedly wanted McGee to account for where the missing narcotics went. McGee said she couldn’t because she hadn’t been physically at work for the last several months.

McGee said after all of this happened, she feels she was passed over for the position of Pharmacy Manager by someone who was less qualified, and said she was discouraged from applying for a position within the hospital.

FOX13 reached out to St. Francis for a statement. We have not heard back yet, but we will keep you updated on when we do.

McGee is suing on four counts: race discrimination, intentional infliction of emotional distress and outrageous conduct, retaliation under title 7 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and a request for permanent injunction.