FOX13 Investigates: Who can buy medical marijuana in Arkansas?

Memphis, TN — A mind-blowing win for medical marijuana in Arkansas last November. Now FOX13 Investigators are learning this could be a win for every person who suffers pain or nausea watching us right now.

Little Rock attorney David Couch crafted Issue 6 - the Medical Marijuana amendment. He told FOX13 he specifically wrote the law so sick people everywhere can get pot legally.

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Couch said, “Anybody can buy it as long as you have a card.”

The proposed amendment allows those who get approved 2 1/2 ounces of marijuana every two weeks.

That card comes from the state health department after an Arkansas-licensed physician determines you suffer from a "qualifying medical condition."

In Arkansas, that's one of 12 specific ailments ranging from cancer to arthritis to fibromyalgia, P-T-S-D and glaucoma.

This amendment differs from others because it includes five much vaguer medical conditions.

Couch said, “If you have chronic pain, any condition that causes muscle spasms, seizures.”

Cancer survivor Jesse Trigleth said, “Medical cannabis gave me the will to eat, gave me the will to get up and fight through the pain without the opiate painkillers."

Trigleth moved back to Arkansas to help teach people how to grow their own marijuana. That is *NOT* allowed under this law. And, this pecan farmer quickly learned owning one of the state's five cultivation facilities is a pipe dream unless you have access to millions of dollars.

He told FOX13 the “the big financial backing is what's stopping everybody.”

Potential pot farmers must pay $15,000 just to apply for a license, the annual fee is $100,000.

Growers must prove they have at least a million dollars in assets and enough money to build an indoor grow operation without getting a loan since pot is still illegal on the federal level so banks will not loan money.

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission has authorized 32 dispensaries. Its expected clinics will pop-up to serve demand.

As for when people will be able to buy marijuana at an Arkansas dispensary?

Couch says if the licenses to grow and sell are granted by August: “Black Friday may be Green Friday in Arkansas this year. I think, Thanksgiving.”