FOX13 Investigates: Why crime clearance rates don’t tell the full story

WATCH: FOX13 Investigates: Why crime clearance rates don't tell the full story

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Wednesday’s deadly shooting at a Memphis Lounge marks the 177th homicide of 2019.

In the fall, FOX13 Investigates obtained data that showed out of the 128 criminal homicides MPD had investigated at that point in 2019, 72 were solved.

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That means 57 percent of the cases closed.

Major Chris Moffatt leads MPD’s homicide bureau. He told FOX13 that the clearance rates are constantly changing because as crimes get solved more are added onto investigators’ plates.

“The numbers do fluctuate because if you have just a-- unfortunately we had four within a span of 16 hours a couple weeks ago. So, your numbers are going to go up and down along with clearance rates,” said Moffatt.

That’s a drop from 2016, when police said they solved nearly 3 quarters of cases.

When asked if looking at clearance rates in a year-to-year format would be more accurate, Moffatt said yes but even then, that number is changing.

“Even if you judge 2019 on January 1 2020, there are still going to be cases we’re going to work and solve well into 2020 from 2019 and so that number is still going to go back and affect that number then,” said Moffatt.

So far this year there have been 177 homicides in Memphis so, the numbers we received just a few weeks ago have drastically changed.

FOX13 Investigates has requested the number of homicides and cases solved for the last 3 years from MPD for better context but hasn’t received that data back yet.

In the meantime, Major Moffatt says there’s one thing his team desperately needs from you.

“Community involvement… getting someone who knows something to pick up the phone and call us… What if it was your child that was killed? What if it was your father that was killed? Sometimes people don’t put themselves in that victim or victim's family's shoes. If it were your family, you’d want someone to call.”

To report information about a crime you can call Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH.