Harmony Park Apartment residents say they haven’t had heating system in months

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A single mother turned to FOX13 Investigates after spending months without a heating system in her home at the Harmony Park Apartment.

Taja Howard said she has two space heaters that she relies on to keep her and her six-year-old daughter warm at night but she can only use one at a time to avoid blowing out her electric connection.

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“I let my daughter keep her heater on and while I’m sleeping I have to use two blankets,” she said.

Howard said she moved into a remodeled unit at Harmony Park Apartment last November. At the time, she knew she was moving into a unit without an HVAC system, but the property managers told her a new one was already ordered and would be installed in December.

She showed me a letter from Harmony Park Apartment outlining that timeline.

Howard said she’s made several attempts to get the issue resolved.

“I asked her like, it’s been a couple of weeks, I’ve been patient, put yourself and my shoes and she tells me basically and she asks me like “okay so what do you want us to do about it?” And I’m like you’re the property manager your supposed to manager the property, you’re supposed to make sure we have everything we need and a necessity is heat and air,” said Howard.

Howard isn’t the only one to complain about management.

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The apartment complex’s Facebook page shows poor reviews, and the Better Business Bureau gave them a D- rating in 2018.

FOX13 Investigator Kirstin Garriss went to the property manager’s office to find out what happened.

The property manager on-site told FOX13 the complex was bought by a new company in December and that any agreements before then were with another management company.

The property manager said they’re asking tenants to fill out work orders because no one on-site is certified to install HVAC systems. The manager told FOX13 a technician went to Howard’s apartment earlier this week but she wasn’t home.

“If I’m at work and you need to fix my heat, you need to take that key, fix what you supposed to fix maybe take a picture before and after and leave. It’s just that simple, it shouldn’t be an excuse that I was at work that day,” said Howard.

The property manager said a technician is scheduled to fix the issue Monday but Howard isn’t optimistic.

“If they come Monday, I’ll be shocked because I’ve been in this new unit since November and I’ve been getting the runaround,” she said.

FOX13 asked the property manager for an on-camera interview Friday afternoon and she declined, referring us to their corporate office.

We have reached out for a statement but we haven’t gotten a response.