Memphis family still holding on to hope their missing loved one is alive

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis family still holding onto hope their missing loved one is alive.

The Carroll family turned to FOX13 in January after their brother Anthony went missing. It’s been almost three months and still no sign of him.

His brother in Atlanta said the family is worried.

“Everybody has been praying, everyone has been hopeful, but no news has come about yet,” Edward Carroll said.

The family told FOX13 Anthony Carroll kept a job, built up savings in the bank, had issues with his eyesight, and lived in a rooming house. He also struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. Regardless of any personal problem, Anthony would call a family member like his brother or son almost daily.

Edward Carroll told FOX 13, the family has gotten prank calls about Anthony.

“There have been people who have called and asked for ransom and all kinds of foolishness,” said Edward Carroll.

If that is not upsetting, Carroll said the family is not getting any updates from Memphis Police. Carroll told FOX13, “My biggest frustration is that the Memphis Police has not responded to our emails or phone calls. We are just not getting any answers.”

Not responding to crime victims or families seeking information is not acceptable said Mike Collins, a retired Shelby County Deputy and FOX13 law enforcement analyst.

“Be honest with them,” said Collins. “I don’t have any information. I don’t have anything to provide.”

Collins said he believes law enforcement ought to answer crime victims calling for information. He described it as the customer service part of law enforcement because “it is important you let them know where that particular case stands.”

As for victims and families, Collins suggests they never give up pressing the officer or investigator for an update on their case. He said if the officer won’t respond, contact their supervisor which is what the Carroll’s insist they have done. They claim the officers investigating Anthony’s disappearance have not contacted them in a month.

“If I sent an email, the expectation is that you respond to the email. I have no updates. I have no information. Say something to us,” said Edward Carroll.

FOX13 emailed and texted Memphis Police stating the specific concerns of the Carroll family. A spokesperson replied that they will have to check on it but vacations and days off may be a factor.

Edward Carroll will be in Memphis to meet with MPD to express his family’s frustration and hopefully get an update about his brother’s case.