FOX13's Severe Weather Resource Guide

WATCH: Staying safe during freezing temperatures

FOX13's Severe Weather Team will provide up-to-minute updates on the heavy rain heading towards the Mid-South. If you would like to view the FOX13 Clear View radar at any time throughout the day, look below.

Live Radar & Hour-by-Hour Forecast

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Any time there is heavy rains, there is a high possibility of major traffic delays. Monitor the roadways with our real-time map.

Traffic Map

In preparation for heavy rains expected in the area, FOX13 put together a comprehensive list of ways to make sure you stay safe while driving.

School/Business Closings

Click here to find out if your school is closed due to potential flooding. If your school system closed and is located in the FOX13 viewing area, it will be listed above.

Driving Tips

Homeowners have a lot of work to do before heavy rain and storms come their way. City leaders said everyone needs to do their part when it comes to keeping their drains clean.

MLGW Outage Map

If you have a power outage in your area, make sure MLGW is aware. Check your neighborhood in the outage map above, find out when MLGW plans to restore power.

Keep Your Kids Entertained When Stuck at Home

When severe weather traps you inside the house with your children, know how to keep your kids entertained -- and keep your sanity.