FOX13 uncovers security guard accused of throwing pregnant woman is not licensed

FOX13 uncovers security guard accused of throwing pregnant woman is not licensed

FOX13 has new information about  a security guard accused of assaulting a pregnant woman.

We uncovered information that shows the guard, Joseph Daniels, was not licensed to do security work.

In fact, our digging found affidavits accusing him of impersonating a police officer twice.

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The TBI is investigating Daniels... an investigation that started after FOX13's report exposed how he handled a tenant in the apartment complex he was hired to protect.

The pregnant woman shot cell phone video of him. Their altercation happened just after her apartment had caught fire.

The victim’s brother, Mario Denton, said what he witnessed should have never happened. "You're embarrassing us security guards... Not only us as security guards, but the state of Tennessee."

Denton knows how an armed security guard should act. He, himself, is a licensed armed security guard. He questioned whether or not Daniels is licensed.

So, we did some digging with the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance, the group that issues licenses.

What we found... Joseph Daniels could not even get a license to be an unarmed security guard.

So, we kept digging. Our research turned up two arrest documents from 2014, both for criminal impersonation or impersonating a police officer. The documents said he had blue and white strobe lights installed on his car and was pulling over vehicles.

Denton said he is afraid that this unlicensed armed security guard will eventually go above and beyond the law if not caught. "I don't see how MPD is letting this man get by."

The Tennessee Private Protective Services opened a complaint against Daniels following our first story. They told us Daniels may face violations for working as a security guard without being properly registered.