FOX13's one-on-one interview with President Jimmy Carter

He'll be 92 on October first. Yet, Former President Jimmy Carter is toiling in the heat to help build a house for a Memphis family.

Keep in mind, it was one year ago this week when Carter announced to the world that four cancers were found in his brain.

We asked him what he would have said last August if someone told him he’d be building a house in Memphis in 106 degree heat index one year later.

The former President said this:

"Well I would've said that's a great prediction. I hope it comes true. But at the time as you say it was one year ago exactly. I had four cancers in my brain and I had already had part of my liver removed so I thought I had just two or three weeks left to live."

Mr. Carter learned he is cancer-free in January of this year.

By the end of this week, the Jimmy and Rosalynn carter work project will have built 19 homes in Memphis.

But, remember the project came to Memphis last November, too.

Carter says,

“Memphis was ready for us, they were ready to care for a large number of volunteers, provide housing for some food for us and emergency medical care if we needed and up plenty of power aid so we don't get too hot in this hot sun.”

Mr. Carter adds it may be hotter in south Georgia, where he's from, but he doesn't spend as much time outdoors there as he will in this one week in Memphis.