• 'Memphis mane' billboards going viral, sparking conversations in the city

    By: Courtney Mickens


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Two billboards in east Memphis have caught everyone's attention. Have you seen them?

    Residents throughout the city are talking about the eye-catching billboards that promote a new church called The Well. One of them reads "FOR GOD SO LOVED MEMPHIS MANE.'

    FOX13 spoke with the church about the billboards and what sparked the idea.

    "Last week, I wanted to be intentional about reaching people that I think the church overlooks. We definitely reached them," said Founding Pastor Kia Moore.

    Pastor Kia told FOX13 the purpose of the billboards is to spread the message that "God hears your prayers" and "Don't give up."

    She wanted to make sure the language she used in the billboards targeted people who use the word "mane," but don't see themselves in the scriptures.

    "Our church is growing and we are reaching people who have walked away from church... Our motto is #wemakewells. John 4 is our scripture where Jesus meets the woman at the well. We believe wells are places where people are transformed by access to resources and we aim each week to introduce people to Christ, connect them to resources and watch God transform them."

    Here's an example of The Well's Easter Sunday service --


    The church also plans to send donations to local organizations in the Memphis area.

    "We are raising large sums of money that goes directly to community organizations. We are sending checks to three organizations this week that members who won a contest selected to receive a donation," Pastor Kia said.

    For more information on this groundbreaking church, click here.

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