'He looked ashamed, hungry and broken.' How a teen desperate for food ended up with a house

A story in Memphis is receiving national attention after a local musician and an underprivileged teen met in the most unexpected way.

16-year-old Chauncy Black walked up to a complete stranger in a Kroger parking lot. That man was Matthew Michael White.

“Something told me to go there and ask this guy if I can take his groceries to the car,” Chauncy told FOX13.

In exchange, he asked if Matt would buy him donuts for dinner. The Good Samaritan felt compelled to take the teen on a shopping spree, and that’s when they began to bond.

I just met the most inspiring person ever. His name is Chauncy Jones. He's a 16 year old from Memphis. He had taken the...

Posted by Matt White on Thursday, June 9, 2016

Matt learned Chauncy is a straight A high school student who does odd jobs to help his sick mom pay the rent.

“It’s God’s heart. When God speaks to you, that’s all the ‘why’ you have to have,” Matt said of his decision to help.

But when Matt dropped Chauncy off at his home in South Memphis, what he saw brought him to tears.

The family had nothing. Chauncy didn’t even have a bed; he slept on a mat made out of sleeping bags on the floor.

Matt wrote about the meeting on Facebook and started a GoFundMe account. It didn't take long for the world to fall in love with the soft-spoken teen.

In just two weeks, the crowdfunding site has raised more than $115,000.

“It’s climbing at a speed I can’t keep up with,” Matt said.

FOX13 was there as Matt gave Chauncy and his mom, Barbara Martin, the most amazing news yet.

“You’re gonna get a nice house,” Matt told them.

Their own home, fully-furnished and in a safer neighborhood.

“I don’t know what to say, what to do,” Barbara said. “Chauncy told me not to cry, but I might break down in tears.”

“I so appreciate it,” Chuancy added. “I can’t appreciate it any more (than I do).”

Matt told FOX13 there are so many people like Chauncy out there, and he hopes this story inspires others to step up and lend a hand to people in need.

Stunningly, nearly 47 percent, almost half, of all kids in Memphis live in poverty, like Chauncy.