• Grizzlies and SCS teaming up to get students to class

    By: Jerrita Patterson


    Students at A. Maceo Walker Middle School got quite the surprise Thursday morning. 

    The more than 600 students were welcomed by district leaders, a drum line and those with the Memphis Grizzlies organization.  They came together to kick start the campaign 'RePresent. Every Day.' 

     The collaboration is designed to keep kids from skipping school.

    "We know students cannot learn if they are not at school and so this was the start of something that's going to be absolutely phenomenal," A. Maceo Walker Middle School Principal Dr. Terrence Brittenum said.  "We are working to maintain high levels of attendance every day of the school year."

    Only a month into the new school year and 2,700 are considered chronically absent.  But steps are being taken to tackle truancy.  An effort seventh grader, and future FBI agent Aaliyah Moore agrees with.

    "In order to be somebody in life you have to get your education," seventh grader Aaliyah Moore said.

    A shared sentiment from Issac Williams, who's already mapping out his future.

    "I really wanted to be a football star," eighth grader Issac Williams said. 

    "But if that doesn't work out for me I want to be like an engineer, a mechanical engineer."

    It's the 'grit and grind' proud products of SCS, like former NBA player Elliot Perry, know all too well.

    "If we can continue to encourage our kids that you have to embrace the process, you can't jump over the process--that they will be okay," Memphis Grizzlies Director of Player Support Elliot Perry said.

    There are roughly 18 schools considered "high need" that are being targeted.  This is the second year for the campaign, and the second year Memphis Grizzlies Guard Tony Allen is serving as the voice and face for the cause.


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