• Hacker group appears to call for "Day of Rage" in Memphis and other cities

    By: Zach Crenshaw


    It's been a week of tension between police and protesters across the country. Now, it appears the popular hacker group “Anonymous” is encouraging protests across the country. There are videos calling for Friday to be 'A Day of Rage.'

    The videos encourage action in 37 cities, including Memphis, and posted a location and start time for the rallies.

    The Memphis Police Department wouldn't say much about how they were preparing, but officials did tell FOX13 they are aware and are taking appropriate action. Homeland security and other local security groups said they are also aware.

    "We are calling on a collective day of rage...On Friday, July 15 we will flood the streets in strategic areas to maximize impact," said the robotic voice in an Anonymous video that is making its way around social media. 

    Protests have been common this week in Memphis. On Sunday, protesters made their way onto the I-40 Bridge and shut it down. And Tuesday, protesters traffic stopped traffic and marched at Graceland.
    Now people are anticipating a potentially third high-profile incident.

    "The title is a tad bit edgy," said Damien Moore from Memphis. "So from a law enforcement aspect, they hear that and see that. Well now they are on edge."

    Memphis is one of many cities on the' “Day of Rage” list. The suggested location is Health Sciences Park, notably known for a confederate statue which was vandalized with 'Black Lives Matter' over the weekend.

    In social media posts for the event, there are images of fire. The title 'Day of Rage' is also drawing mixed reviews.

    "It may be a rage. It might not be rage. But that's not how it should be. At the end of it all, [protesters] want peace and want to justice," Arius Butler said.

    Butler had already heard about the protest Wednesday from Facebook, and hopes people protest responsibly.

    "If you're not going to do it the right ways, you can't expect them to respect you guys," Butler, who said she supports the overall message of protesting, told FOX13.

    "When you are talking about flooding the streets of Memphis, you kind of got to be careful with that. You know all it takes is one bad apple to spoil the bunch," Moore added.

    In the video, the group calls for civil disobedience, but it also calls for non-violence and no rioting.

    Workers in the Medical District are also preparing for the protest. FOX13 has learned that multiple hospitals and businesses have let employees know about the potential for protesting, and some have suggested coming in early in case they need to leave beforehand. 

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