How depositing a bogus cashier's check could cost you thousands of dollars

WATCH: How depositing a bogus cashier's check could cost you thousands of dollars

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — FOX13 is keeping your money safe and out of the hands of crooks.

Two weeks ago, a car decal scam cost a Memphis woman thousands of dollars and it involved a bogus check.

ORIGINAL STORY: Easy money car decal scam cost Memphis businesswoman thousands of dollars

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You deposit the check and scammers steal all of your money.

This time the crooks tried to fool FOX13's Greg Coy. He got an overnight package from FedEx delivered to the news station and it was addressed to him.

Inside was a mysterious cashier’s check for $1,650 from a bank Coy had never heard of and with instructions on how to cash it.

Before making a hasty decision to deposit it, FOX13 decided to call Randy Hutchinson of the Better Business Bureau for a consult.

He suspected it was a fake.

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"We see these fake checks all the time. That the account number is real and that causes it to take a little longer to bounce," said Hutchinson.

But could the check be legitimate?

Coy called the Sauk Valley Bank and Trust located in Illinois. They told him the check is bogus and he was not the first one to call them to inquire.

"It is fraudulent," a bank employee told Coy over the phone.

How did these crooks get his name and his work address?

Coy sent a text message to the number as instructed and discovered the person connected to the check is involved with the car decal scam FOX13 warned you about last month.

FOX13 reached out to Taurus Golden, a Memphis victim of that same scam who got one of those checks, deposited it and her bank account was cleaned out.

"They go and take your account number and route number. And some while they go in there skim your money," said Golden.

FOX13 discovered the scammers found out about Coy when he applied to the car decal offer to see if it was real. It wasn't.

The offer promises someone $500 a week if they put a magnetic decal on their car.

Golden thought it was real offer, but it ended up costing her plenty.

"It look so real but there is so much going out here we have to be really careful," said Golden.