MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Graves destroyed and covered in dirt.

Several families are shocked at the conditions they found at New Park Memorial Gardens on Sewanee Road in Boxtown.

The big question is, "What happened?"

“My mother and the lady buried next to her are covered in dirt," said Tiffany Allen, whose mother laid to rest at the cemetery two years ago. "You can’t even see their headstones."

Allen said she received a phone call from her brother about a Facebook post with a caption, saying, “If anyone has any loved ones buried at New Park Memorial Gardens on Sewanee Road, please go check on your loved ones, it’s a disaster.”

Shortly after, Allen came to see if her mother’s gravesite was impacted.

“It’s just not fair to me," she said. "It’s not. She left behind a legacy and I’m literally shaking right now because this hurts my soul."

And she wasn’t the only one heartbroken by the news.

Several families reached out to FOX13 expressing their frustrations with their loved ones' burial site.

“I was lost," said Lisa Mull, whose cousin died March 16, 2009 and laid to rest at the cemetery. "It was like walking in the dead zone."

She added: “It’s like a sword just opened all over again. How can you find them? Where are they? Are they still in the ground?"

The assistant manager of New Park Memorial Gardens, Julia Levy, said the rain a few weeks ago created the problem.

“We were going in the garden to get a family member near a person already buried," Levy said. "So even though it was wet and horrible, we have to dig. When the backhoe went in, it actually sunk and sunk to the axles."

The assistant manager said that the cemetery should be back to normal within the next couple of days.

“It was my mom," Allen said. "That's a piece of my heart and to see her desecrating like that, that hits home. It almost makes me want to throw up."

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