Innocent bystander killed in South Memphis shooting

A South Memphis family is mourning the loss of a 60-year-old man who was killed in a shooting.
Neighbors told FOX13 Darnell Killebrew was sitting quietly on his porch when a gunman sprayed at least three homes with bullets. He wasn’t the intended victim, but he got caught in the crossfire.

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“I got so angry because I’m just sick of this mess. It’s like a genocide going on with black folks, black men,” Wilma Walker told FOX13.
Walker said she is the person who called 911 when her neighbor was shot. She said the 60-year-old father was trying to get inside his house at the time of the shooting. A bullet struck him in the head as he was walking through the door.
“They say on the news he wasn’t the intended target. Hell, we ain’t supposed to be shooting over here no way. I mean, it’s never the target they’re going to hit because they’re running and shooting,” Walker said.

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Police got to the scene in the 800 block of Lenow Park Drive Tuesday afternoon. Investigators said Killebrew was lying in the doorway when paramedics arrived, but he died at the hospital.
Police have not said what led to the shooting, but neighbors told FOX13 it all started over a dice game.
“My understanding was (it was) over two dollars, a dice game, and somebody didn’t want to lose,” Walker said. “Two dollars. They could have come and hit on my door. I’d give them two dollars.”
Neighbors told FOX13 Killebrew leaves behind a 13-year-old son.
No one has been arrested in the case, but police are searching for 21-year-old Terry Pegues in connection to the crime.