• Jessica Chambers family raising funds to catch her killer


    Two weeks after Jessica Chambers died after being set on fire in Courtland, Miss., family members are now getting involved to help raise funds to catch her killer.

    The reward is sitting at $16,800 and the family is also starting their own page to add to that.

    Several people talked to FOX13 News Friday saying they have been questioned in the case.

    Jessica's sister Amanda Prince said the it was an idea started by people on her Justice For Jessica Facebook page.

    "We were asked by many supporters if we have another page friends and family strictly for reward money," Prince said. "People who have already donated to the funeral cost and medical bills wanted something strictly for the reward."

    At the crime scene the Mississippi State Fire Marshall put up a reward sign and around Panola County more and more people claim to have been picked up and questioned in the case.

    George Mister said he was picked up, taken in, and questioned.

    "They said it was a lover's quarrel and that's what they are questioning about," Mister said.

    Rachel Tutor said she was picked up for questioning as well.

    "They questioned me about an e-mail message that I sent to her days before she died," Tutor said. "I guess that is why they may have thought something."

    Mister and Tutor say they had nothing to do with the 19-year-old's death and  they claim they were cleared by law enforcement.

    Meanwhile the Chambers family is setting up a memorial tree at home instead of a Christmas tree. It will be decorated with ornaments donated in her memory.

    If you have any information in this case call the North Central Mississippi Crime Stoppers at 1-800-729-2169 or the FBI at 662-234-1713 / fax 662-232-3340.


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