• Jessica Chambers' father told "she didn't die the right way"


    Six months have passed since Jessica Chambers was burned alive.

    Ever since his daughter's brutal murder, things have been difficult for Jessica's father. He sat down with FOX13 to discuss the trying times, along with the added grief he's had to take on.

    “We are having a problem with my insurance company not wanting to pay off on my daughter because they said that she wasn't a student in school,” Ben Chambers said. “I have my insurance through Met Life, and they are not wanting to pay off now.”

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    Major Barry Thompson, the lead investigator in the Chambers murder, says he's been told the payoff is being held because the murder remains unsolved.

    Thompson wrote a letter on behalf of the Panola County Sheriff's Department. In it he clearly states Ben Chambers is not, nor has he ever been, a suspect. But Thompson did offer some insight into suspects when FOX13 met with him to do his first ever television interview

    “I would say from a confidence standpoint, the team of investigators working on this case have a level of confidence that we have not had before now,” Major Thompson said.

    But the clues stop there, leaving the investigation ongoing. Six months after his daughter was killed, there have been no arrests and Ben Chambers says he owes 10,000 in funeral expenses. As if fighting for his daughter's life insurance was not enough, he's facing more financial problems on another front.

    “The car insurance, they wouldn't pay off because they say she wasn't killed by another car,” Chambers said.

    So in the wake of his daughter's disturbing murder, this grieving father is left dumbfounded.

    “You know, it's unbelievable how somebody can be murdered, but they say she didn't die the right way.”


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    Jessica Chambers' father told "she didn't die the right way"