• Jessica Chambers investigator talks about case


    We are breaking new information this morning in the murder of Jessica Chambers.

    Chambers ugly murder now stretches back six months – she'd been burned alive.  Now for the first time ever we're hearing from the lead investigator in the case.  

    He spoke exclusively with Fox 13 in a recent interview about progress in the case

    " I would say from a confidence standpoint the team of investigators working on this case have a level of confidence that we have not had before now." 

    The big question does the Panola County Sheriff's Department have any suspects in Jessica Chambers murder.

    "There is a direction that we are going in now that we haven't gone before....and it seems to be a good direction that we are headed in yes sir."

     A good direction he says – after six months of so many dead ends. Suspect  or suspects. Who could have burned a young woman alive?

    " I can't say 100 percent that it was somebody that she knew but just the sheer hatred of the crime tells me it took it to another level"

         Major Barry Thompson says the responsibility of solving the case lies with him.

    "Ultimately  I feel like this case rests on my shoulders. I am the Sheriff's lead homicide investigator...that is an appointment that he made to me and my passion is to get this case solved and I am not going to rest until it is. "

    Thompson isn't the only one  we met with about this case.  Fox 13 also talked with Jessica's father who in addition to grieving is having to fight a different battle that's causing him added grief.  We'll explore his part of the story tonight on FOX13 at Five.

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