10-year-old boy makes ultimate sacrifice to save sister from icy pond

MILLINGTON, Tenn. — A 10-year-old paid the ultimate sacrifice trying to save his little sister from an icy pond.

Six-year-old Abigail and 10-year-old Benjamin Luckett are the youngest of five children.

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The two were playing by a pond in Millington near Brunswick. It started out as a fun Sunday activity until it took a turn for the worse when Abigail fell into the icy water.

Church member Stacy Stilgenbauer said Benjamin didn’t hesitate to try to save her, jumping into the icy pond. He said the children’s father was about to get Abigail out of the water but EMS crews had to rescue Benjamin.

Both were rushed to LeBonbeur Children’s Hospital but Benjamin didn’t make it.

“You can see with him doing everything he can to save his sister the deep love for his sister and the rest of the family that he was willing to do everything he could and ultimately pay that sacrifice to help his sister out,” said Pastor Stilgenbauer from Leawood East Baptist Church.

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Stilgenbauer said Abigail is starting to recover.

He said doctors took her off a ventilator, and she’s talking again and now he said the children’s mother, Christine Luckett, is asking for prayers tonight, as they process the loss of one child and the recovery of another.

“The prayer, she said they say they feel the prayer and not just from our church but from the community as a whole and the prayers for Abigail to get better,” said Stilgenbauer.

Stilgenbauer said Leawood East Baptist Church is raising money to help the family with funeral and medical bills.

He said the children’s mother is urging people to see their story as a reminder to be careful.

“The mother sees it as a reminder to other people she wants them to know to make sure kids stay away from ponds especially on days that we’re having this weather here,” he said.

Stilgenbauer said a couple of funeral homes have reached out to offer this support as well.

If you would like to help, here’s a link to donate to the family.