10-year-old shot and killed by family member, relative says

WATCH: Family and friends hold candlelight vigil for 10-year-old shot and killed

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Just six days into the year, a candlelight vigil was held for a child gunned down in Memphis.

10-year-old Dameon Chalmers was shot and killed by a close family member. A relative of the victim told FOX13 it appears the shooting was an accident. Now people are asking how a 14-year-old got his hands on a gun.

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“I just want to live, that’s it,” community activist Towanna Murphy said.

Murphy visited the 2200 block of Howell Avenue in North Memphis where the 10-year-old was shot and killed Monday night.

“That’s enough to piss anybody off,” said Murphy. “These children don’t have a chance to even live their lives.”

A 14-year-old relative, who several sources say was the boy’s brother, is charged with reckless homicide in Chalmers’ death. A close family friend of the 14-year-old charged told FOX13 the teen was in court Wednesday.

“We want to be safe. We want to be safe communities. We want better schools. We want better living conditions,” Murphy said. “This shouldn’t be. Whoever owns these units, they should be fined for this. They are allowed to live in trash.

When Murphy started talking about the living conditions that she blames for crime problems at the apartment complex, code enforcement showed up.

Murphy argues that the boarded-up windows, trash, and rundown properties will lead to more violence.

“If I didn’t live in Memphis for 15 years and I was a visitor, I would turn back around, ‘cause immediately I would think gun violence,” Murphy said.

FOX13 called the landlord to ask how these living conditions are acceptable. When the landlord called back she said she did not have time to talk.