100 new jobs coming to Hardeman County, Lee says

HARDEMAN COUNTY, Tenn. — Friday, Governor Bill Lee announced 100 new, good-paying jobs are coming to Hardeman County. He said families are still looking for working and jobs to navigate the pandemic.

“As we put the pandemic behind us, we move forward with economic recovery with an $8 million investment right here creating 100 new good-wage jobs right here in this community,” said Lee.

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Choate Engineering Performance will manufacture engines and components for the automotive industry.

“Workers are hard to find. they are high in demand, and we desperately need more of them in this state. That’s why we created something called the Governor’s Investment Vocational Education Act because we know that vocational and tactical education is important to the future of our state,” said Lee.

“Everybody came together and worked together. I’m proud of what we will accomplish at this facility. It’s our time now to make an investment in this company,” said Bolivar Mayor Julian McTizic.

The governor said over the past five years the Department of Economic and Community Development has supported more than 65 development projects in southwest Tennessee resulting in more than a billion dollars in capital investments.

Hiring is underway. The facility is located at 1033 Lake Street in Bolivar.