12 people die in weather-related fatalities in Tennessee, officials say

TENNESSEE — A total of a dozen Tennesseans have died as a result of last week’s winter blast.

The Tennessee Department of Health confirmed 12 weather-related fatalities in the state:

  • Four fatalities in Shelby County
  • Two fatalities in Sumner County
  • One fatality in Maury County
  • One fatality in Williamson County
  • One fatality in Dickson County
  • One fatality in Overton County
  • One fatality in Lawrence County
  • One fatality in McNairy County

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Ten-year-old Benjamin Luckett paid the ultimate sacrifice trying to save his little sister from an icy pond.

Benjamin and his 6-year-old sister Abigail were playing by a pond in Millington near Brunswick when Abigail fell into the icy water.

Benjamin tried to help. Both were rushed to LeBonbeur Children’s Hospital but Benjamin didn’t make it.

On Feb. 16 the West Tennessee Regional Forensic Center confirmed it was “investigating three possible hypothermia-related deaths from the past few days” in Shelby County.

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The body of a homeless person was discovered near First Congregational Church in Cooper Young early Saturday.

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Last week’s winter blast shattered 7 records and left us with a total of 9 full days of below-freezing temperatures which tied the longest stretches ever set in 1940 and in 1899.