18 percent of Miss. teachers wanted to teach in-person, survey says

WATCH: 18 percent of Mississippi teachers wanted to teach in-person, survey says

MISSISSIPPI — The Mississippi Association of Educators released the results of a survey of teachers across the state.

A very low percentage of them said they were ready to go back to the classroom or felt safe because of COVID-19.

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Only 18 percent of those surveyed voted for a traditional classroom.

During the anonymous survey, one teacher wrote in “I think we are rushing in just to make certain people happy. We are not ready to reopen and I’m nervous about returning to work. I shouldn’t have to choose between my job and my health.”

Shelby County teaching assistant Anthony Anderson said he felt for teachers.

“Well it is a hectic situation with COVID-19 and then to try to focus on the kid’s safety and the things the school needs us to do just to keep the kids safe,” Anderson said.

Another teacher in the MAE Survey wrote that she was concerned about carrying the virus home to a family member with a compromised immune system.

She wrote: “I’m very conflicted and I want students to return to a sense of normalcy and stability which in-person learning would provide. Yet I am afraid that face to face learning would cause a huge uptick in cases. My husband is High-Risk and I’m afraid of carrying the disease to him.”

Teachers in the survey also said they were concerned over having to spend more out of pocket for supplies to help keep the classroom clean and were worried where that would come from.

“It’s very disturbing to me at first and I am very concerned because I do not want to catch Covid19 and I think a lot of parents and teachers should be careful about sending kids back to school,” Anderson said.