19-year-old breadwinner gets unemployment benefits after waiting nearly three months

WATCH: Teenage family breadwinner finally gets unemployment benefits

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Remember the 19-year-old who’s the breadwinner for his mother and three younger siblings that FOX13 told you about last week? 

Derrione Carrick filed for unemployment in April and had not received a dime until we called the state.

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That teen finally got his unemployment benefits Wednesday.

Last week, a state spokesman said that Carrick’s most recent work history was not entered at the time he filed for unemployment.

Carrick sent a screenshot that showed that he did enter his work history. 

“It meant the world,” said Carrick. “It came at the perfect time.”

Carrick had to sell his laptop, TV and Xbox just to make ends meet.

“We was able to get some of the stuff that we had to get rid of back,” Carrick said. “We was able to get food. A lot at one time.”

Now that he has his unemployment benefits, he was able to go back to the pawnshop to buy a laptop similar to the one he took there. The laptop was used to help his siblings with their homework.

“I went on ahead and got that first just so I could have for whenever it’s time for that again,” Carrick said.

After the story aired, people across the Mid-South reached out to find out how they could help the Carrick family. 

“When they first reached out to me, I had got enough money to get so much food and I would like to thank everybody who even thought about helping,” he stated.

Carrick said everything that happened to him over the past week inspired him to go to college. When he applied to the University of Memphis in 2018, the school sent him a letter saying they needed more evidence of his academic preparation and achievement.

“It would mean the world to me because it will make me proud,” he said. “It will make my momma proud I know for sure. I will be one of the first ones in a long time to get to college.”

FOX13 reached out to the university. They said their enrollment office would reach out to him.

There were 25,843 new unemployment claims filed in Tennessee last week.

That’s more than 3,500 new claims from the previous week.

Carrick’s advice to people still waiting on their unemployment benefits was to not give up.