$1K fine or 90 days in jail? Oxford PD releases new citations if you’re caught at a large gathering

OXFORD, Miss. — Every time an officer goes out to one of the “corona” party calls, they are exposed to every person in there and every person in there might have the coronavirus and might give it to them.

If you gather with people, the people that you come in contact with during that day, you were exposed to them, and now we are exposed to them and vice versa.

So, if officers have to come out to that scene to talk to you, you might expose them to whoever you came in contact with and you are doing the same to them.

Chief Jeff McCutchen told us he understands that Oxford is a social town that loves a party, but right now, it is not the time or the place for it.


“Do your best in this time to protect others because you don't know whose life you could be impacting, it might not be yours it may not hurt you a bit, but it may hurt another person who has a small child at home,” he said.

McCutchen said the parties may have been brought on by the weather.

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“It was probably the best four-day stretch we may have had all year long,” he said. “It was beautiful weather, and this is a gathering community.”

But for now, the gatherings, which are misdemeanors defined as a large gathering, need to stop or you could pay the price with either $1,000 fine or 90 days in jail.