Squad car collision injures two Memphis Police officers

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two Memphis Police (MPD) officers are recovering after a car accident in Midtown.

The crash happened at Central Avenue and McLean around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday morning.

PHOTOS: 2 MPD officers in hospital after crash

According to MPD, the officers were en route to the area to help another officer who was responding to a carjacking call.

Both officers were operating in emergency mode when the two squad cars crashed into each other in the 1100 block of Central.

No other vehicles were involved besides the squad cars in Wednesday morning’s crash.

When FOX13′s crew arrived, one car appeared to have been on fire.

Both officers were rushed to Regional One and are in non-critical condition, MPD said.

MPD told FOX13 News that both officers were issued a citation.

One for disregarding a red light and no seatbelt.

The other for no seatbelt.

Memphis Police policies and procedures state those vehicle pursuits are authorized only when an officer has probable cause to believe that someone in the vehicle may have committed a violent felony.

Pursuits are prohibited when the officer knows the suspect is wanted only for a traffic violation, a misdemeanor or a non-violent felony.

They have to stop pursuing if the he officer doesn’t get a supervisors approval within one minute of the pursuit beginning, when the pursuit has reached an unacceptable level, and when the officer fails to activate their lights and siren.