2-year-old boy hit by stray bullet while playing

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A 2-year-old boy was shot in the leg while he was playing with his toys in his room Sunday night.

The shooting happened at the Arbors of Hickory Ridge off Knight Arnold Road.

His mother, Jasmine White, was in the room with him when bullets started flying through the window.

At first, she didn’t realize he was hurt. Then, she noticed blood dripping down his leg

“It was scary, chaotic. I’m just glad the way he was hit the position, no broken bones or anything,” said White.

Her son is doing okay but it hurts for him to walk.

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Outraged, White’s girlfriend, Porsha Wilson, posted a video on Facebook that showed the bullet holes all over the walls.

“He knows what happened and he’s only 2-years-old," said Wilson. “It’s very sad. We can’t take him outside to play."

Wilson said unfortunately this isn’t the first time they’ve heard gunshots.

She said she’s complained to the apartment complex and called the police but there are still problems.

“There’s like a gang of people at the bottom of the steps with guns as big as my body just standing around like its normal,” said Wilson.

MPD hasn’t said if they have any suspects or if they know who the shooter is, just that it’s under investigation.

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Wilson said she hopes changes come from this, so no one else is hurt or possibly killed.

“Stop with the gun violence its totally unnecessary, bullets have no name on them,” said Wilson.

FOX13 spoke to the property manager about community safety.

She said there is an armed security guard who lives on the property as well as two part-time guards that patrol the area.

As for new safety measures, she said she planned on organizing a neighborhood watch to encourage people to make complaints.

Meanwhile, the family said they plan on moving to a new place because they don’t feel safe.