2-year-old Memphis toddler shares love of reading through Instagram

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Two-year-old Gerald Fanion loves to read.

His mom and dad have been reading to the young boy from Memphis since before he was born.

His mom, Dr. LaTanya Fanion, said she read books to him while she was pregnant.

An educator, she said she knows the importance of teaching your kids to read at an early age.

Gerald likes to read so much, his mom created his own Instagram page to encourage others to read to their kids as early as possible.

Recently, one of her Instagram posts about Gerald - or “G4″ as they liked to call him - was shared by superstar Jimmy Fallon.

The book Gerald read in the post was Fallon’s book, “Everything is Mama.”

Dr. Fanion and her husband said while it’s still too early to know if Gerald’s passion for reading will continue, they know that sparking that interest at a young age will definitely benefit him academically.