2019 Photo appears to show crack in I-40 Bridge then

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — UPDATE: 11:40 a.m., May 2021

Arkansas Department of Transportation confirmed earlier evidence of damage was found in drone footage from 2019.

When did the damage occur on the I-40 bridge? It may never be clear exactly when it happened, but one Twitter user took to social media to say it dates back at least to July 2019.

FOX13 is continuing to follow developments as the I-40 Bridge is closed indefinitely.

Pictures posted on Twitter show an image of the bridge with what appears to show the damage circled in red.

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David Manasco is the user behind the Twitter post.

He tagged TDOT and ARDOT with the caption: “Well the I-40 crack started well before the 2019 inspection. Here is a shot I took in July 2019. You can see the crack was quite extensive at that point. Curious why this wasn’t caught in Aug 2019 inspection.”

FOX13 reached out to Manasco and he sent us the original, full-resolution file.

The metadata from the original file said the picture was taken in July 2019.

“When people are asking when did it start, we can use photos that were taken and see when it started potentially,” said Manasco.

Manasco said he snapped this picture on a riverboat tour in July of 2019.

In the photo, you can see a close-up of something that appears to be in the same spot on the Hernando-Desoto bridge as the fracture.

“I have the raw files. I’ve got 6 or 7 different angles. I can show them; it’s not been doctored or altered. I brightened it up so I can visibly see it. I have more than one photo so it’s not like I went into photo and draw a little line.”


ARDOT spokesperson Dave Parker said he is aware of the picture but doesn’t know who took it, where it came from or if it’s altered.

He said engineers believe the crack appeared suddenly and didn’t take years to form.

“From what we’ve seen in the last 48 hours, looking at everything, it does not appear to be a slow-developing crack months and months and months, years and years, it seems to be something that happened quickly,” said Parker.

Parker believes this is why crews didn’t discover the crack in the bridge earlier.

Click here to view close-up photos that Manasco shared on social media and compare them to the 2016 photo.

He said ARDOT and the consulting firm checked the bridge in 2019.

In 2020, ARDOT inspected it.

Then this year the engineering firm Michael Backer International discovered the crack.

“No one know if that fracture appeared two days after the inspection was concluded or in the last three weeks,” said Parker.

FOX13 went through dozens of videos of drone footage from previous years to see if there was a clear shot that showed the area where the fracture occurred.

In a video recorded in 2017, there was no apparent fracture. We also uncovered a photo from 2016 that showed the same thing.

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FOX13 reported that a recent 2018 inspection rated the bridge as fair with no evidence of any trouble on the beams which support the bridge.

The bridge was also inspected in 2020.

Highway officials in Arkansas and Tennessee said they don’t know for sure what caused the damage in the I-40 Bridge.

The bridge has been closed since Tuesday afternoon after ARDOT consultants found a crack in the beam.

In audio from the 911 call, the consultant could be heard telling the operator that they needed to get everyone off the bridge.

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