3 charged in neglect of elderly grandmother found covered in wounds, feces

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Three people are behind bars after the abuse and neglect of their elderly grandmother.

On June 23, a nurse reported she went to a location to care for an 83-year-old woman.

She said the elderly patient had a wound on her elbow that was so infected the bone was showing, according to an affidavit.

The victim had other wounds on her body.

Her skin was dirty and covered in feces and her urine was a dark brown color, records show.

The nurse contacted Memphis Fire, who reported the victim was lying naked in her own feces while her grandchildren sprayed air freshener on her.

MFD reported they also smelled marijuana, records show.

During an investigation, the nurse told police she is supposed to go to the victim’s home twice a week to care for her, but she wasn’t let into the house.

On June 29, three people - Amarieon Abram, 23; Shareon Norman, 20; and Jonathan Foster, 40, - voluntarily went to the domestic violence office to speak with police, records show.

Abram refused to give a statement.

Norman and Foster said they were responsible for the care of the victim, their grandmother.

Records show all three are charged with aggravated neglect of an elderly or vulnerable adult.

Mental health experts say sometimes lack of resources, the pandemic  and lack of counseling leads to neglect from caregivers in homes. If you need resources, CLICK HERE.