2-month-old found unresponsive at Mid-South daycare later dies

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Mid-South mother wants answers after she says her infant son was found unresponsive at a Bartlett daycare and later died at the hospital.

Leslie Reeves told FOX13 her son, Colt Adkins, was found unresponsive at Ivy League Learning Center in Bartlett last Wednesday.

“I trusted them to take care of my baby boy, and they failed me,” she said. “I failed him.”

Reeves says the daycare has given two different accounts of what led to her son’s death, what she was told and what the daycare told police.

“They said he was doing tummy time, and the teacher was feeding another student, and by the time she looked back, he was face down in his blanket, and he was blue,” said Reeves.

Reeves said she rushed to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, where they worked to save her son, but were unsuccessful. That’s when she said she learned the daycare told police a different story.

“The police officer said he had died from SIDS in his sleep, and I was so pissed off. I was like that is not what happened,” said Reeves.

Reeves also told FOX13 she has not even been able to see her baby boy’s body.

FOX13 visited Ivy League Learning Center to get the record straight but was turned aways.

According to the Tennessee Department of Human Services website, state regulators investigated Ivy League Learning Center the day Colt Adkins died.

The site notes two violations observed:

  • The educator did not provide a level of supervision that was appropriate to child age and his developments
  • The educator did not provide direct supervision to 3-month-old infant during tummy time

The site calls for the staff to do additional training on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, and Sudden Unexpected Infant Death, or S-U-I-D, and more training on “Developmentally Appropriate Supervision in Childcare.”

The records show in 2017 regulators also cited Ivy League for no providing appropriate supervision.

Back then the staff was also required to do more training on SIDS and S-U-I-D.

The state website shows Ivy League Learning Center has a three out of three-star rating.

The Tennessee Department of Human Services gave this statement:

On July 14, Ivy League Learning Center self-reported to the Tennessee Department of Human Services that an infant stopped breathing while at their child care facility. DHS child care licensing staff began an investigation and are working in partnership with local law enforcement and the Department of Children’s Services.

As an immediate response and while investigations are pending, DHS issued a safety plan that prohibits two educators from working for this or any other child care agency while this plan is in effect.  Further actions will be determined based upon results of the investigation.

This child care center has been licensed since 2017 and has no violations on record before this incident.

Reeves has created a GoFundMe to pay for funeral expenses. If you would like to donate visit here.