3-year-old Memphis boy alive after police say he died in crash

Memphis, Tenn. — 3-year-old Roy Junior McKinney, the boy who was struck by a car on Range Line St., is alive despite an initial report from police saying the toddler had died.

ORIGINAL STORY: ‘He’s gone:’ Memphis family grieving after 3-year-old boy hit, killed by driver on busy street

Police said the boy was hit by a car while trying to cross the street with his older cousin.

Originally, Memphis police said the boy died from his injuries. On Thursday, a spokesperson with the department and family confirmed that report was incorrect, and he was later revived at the hospital.

The boy’s family said he is at LeBonheur Children’s hospital in critical condition, but he is doing a bit better.

FOX13 spoke with the child’s father, Roy McKinney while he was at Le Bonheur’s Children’s Hospital.

“You know little Roy, they pronounced him dead on the scene,” McKinney explained. “When he got here, they gave him a heartbeat back. So far, you know he’s doing better. So we are just praying right now that he just recovering, you know make a full recovery so that he can come home. I’m just ready for my son to come home. I don’t care what it costs, what it takes. I don’t care what happens. I just want my son to come home.”

Police haven’t said what attributed to the wreck, but Cl. Keith Williams with the Memphis Police Department said lack of driver awareness and pedestrian safety usually plays a part in pedestrian accidents.

“Such things as speeding, impaired driving, or being distracted while driving a vehicle has a part to play,” he said. “But also, there are some things pedestrians must adhere to as well. “Things as simple as using a crosswalk and making sure you’re not being distracted by a telephone or some type of hearing device you may have in your ear.”

The boy’s cousin Bergandy Momon said she’s asking the city of Memphis to install a speedhump on Range Line St.

FOX13 asked the city how that process works. A spokesperson told said a person can make a request over the phone or online.

The city then determines if the request meets certain criteria, such as the speed limit on that street, how heavily traveled it is, and how many wrecks have happened on the street in the past three years.

For more information on how to request one, click here.