33 pets rescued from horrid conditions in West Tennessee, nonprofit says

HARDEMAN COUNTY, Tenn. — Over two dozen pets were rescued in West Tennessee from, what the rescuing nonprofit organization Animal Rescue Corps called, “a desperate cruelty situation”.

On Saturday, September 3, the organization said 29 dogs and four cats were taken from a trailer in Hardeman County with the help of law enforcement.

The dogs, according to Animal Rescue Corps, had been living in an extremely dirty trailer with floors rotting beneath them and in maggot-infested cages.

Many of the dogs, including some puppies of only eight weeks, were malnourished and suffering from a host of ailments including severe anemia, dehydration, parasites and other health issues, the nonprofit said. At least one dog had a broken bone, Animal Rescue Corps said.

The cats were also living in filthy cages, surrounded by maggots and their own waste, according to the rescue organization.

Animal Rescue Corps said they brought each animal back to their Rescue Center for medical, physical and emotional care and are also documenting evidence for cruelty prosecution.

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