$4.1M construction project near Landers Center aims to ease traffic problems

SOUTHVEN, Miss. — Relief is coming for a major traffic headache in Southaven, Mississippi.

Church Road and I-55 are known for traffic jams in and around the Landers Center. Construction of a new road could help.

If you have ever been to an event at the Landers Center, you know how crazy the traffic can be.    

“Oh, it’s crazy. When it’s an event, it’s backed up. I mean, police trying to figure out how to manage traffic, but you will be sitting for a while,” Amos Polk said.   

Even on a good day, traffic at Church Road and I-55 is heavy. Add an event to it, and it gets even busier, and getting in and out of traffic can be tricky.

“Well, we live right across from it, so it gets a little bit out of hand,” said Melissa Frazee.

A $4.1 million construction project going on near the south corner of the Landers Center aims to solve that.

The city is extending Pepper Chase Drive from Yuman south to Research Drive.

City officials say that should ease traffic as drivers can exit onto Highway 51.

The drivers we talked to said yes, please.

“That would actually be a great idea. That would be a good idea to move traffic along,” Frazee said.

“Yes, that’s a good situation there. They should have done done that,” Raymond Murray said.   

According to city officials, the Pepper Chase Drive extension will later connect with Highway 51 near Starlanding.

The current part of the project should be finished later this year.    

“Anything to help the traffic in this area because Church Road is crazy,” Polk said.