$450,000 in CARES funding heading to Frayser for housing, utility bills

Watch: $450,000 in CARES funding heading to Frayser for housing, utility bills

FRAYSER, Tenn. — Financial relief is on the way for Frayser families impacted by COVID-19 emergencies and struggling to pay some bills.

The Frayser Community Development Corporation (CDC) recently received almost half a million dollars from the state’s CARES Act funding.

This money will help qualified families pay housing and utility bills.

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“She had to choose between the house and car,” said Demarious Williams who lives in Frayser.

Demarious Williams said that’s the difficult decision his grandmother had to make earlier this year when she lost her job because of COVID-19 closures.

He said his grandmother picked the car, and lost her home.

“It was tough. We had to pull together, and get out resources together and help her out as much as we could, it was a very trying time for us,” he said.

Stories like this one are why the Frayser CDC is doing something it has never done before.

Instead of building houses or helping people find rentals, the agency is giving households money to pay for mortgage, rent and utilities using $450,000 from the state’s CARES Act funding.

“We wanted to make sure that one, families can keep their utilities on so the kids can keep going to school, it had been hot so we wanted to make sure people were safe on the inside and again, we want to make sure people can keep their house and pay rent,” said Damon Williams, the executive director for the Frayser CDC.

You must live within the 38127 zip code and provide paperwork showing job loss, pay cuts or childcare costs caused by the pandemic to apply for the relief funding.

Damon Williams said they will prioritize families facing foreclosures or cutoff notices but he said anyone impacted by COVID-19 in Frayser should apply.

He said households could receive as much as $2,500 to help with these expenses

“Knowing we can make a difference between you know someone having anxiety around utilities or their home during this time, that gives us a piece of mind,” said Damon Williams.

The application outlines what kind of documentation you need to provide to the agency for the funding.

The Frayser CDC hopes to help as many as 600 families with this funding.

You can find more information about the relief funding here. Or you can email or call Mary at 901-354-9401 or mcunningham@fraysercdc.org and request a mailed application.

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