4th of July activities to do in Memphis amid coronavirus

WATCH: 4th of July activities to do in Memphis amid coronavirus

MEMPHIS,Tenn. — This 4th of July weekend is going to look different than past summers because COVID-19 hasn’t gone anywhere.

In fact, in the majority of the states, the numbers are rising.

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Even though fireworks will be missing from the Memphis skyline this year there are still other activities to do.

“There are no fireworks this year but we did round up a bunch of activities that folks can do on the riverfront,” said Helen Hope.

Instead of COVID-19 stopping your 4th of July weekend, Helen Hope with the Memphis Riverfront parks presentation said there are other things to do throughout the week.

She said essential summer celebrations include renting a kayak, paddle boating, biking, picnic’s, plenty of children’s activities and more.

So, for folks planning to visit the park, be prepared to practice social distancing.

“Whoever you are quarantining with this is a great way to come out and do something. We have social distancing circles set up in Tom Lee,” said Hope. “If you want to set up a picnic, downtown businesses are taking you out. So you grab something from there then it is a block or to the riverfront to go pick out your social circle and watch the sunset and mighty lights.”

Hope said if you skip out on this weekend you can enjoy exploring the Mississippi River throughout the summer.

“The kayak Mississippi tour is incredible,” she said. “If you go out on the Mississippi River under the Hernando DeSoto bridge at sunset, if you think a Memphis sunset is great. Wait until you see it from the water it is even better.”