6-year-old Memphis boy gets book deal after video goes viral

Remember 6-year-old Sam, the first-grader with mad skills who went viral after making a video with his dad to highlight different careers?

Robert Samuel White, III has been very busy since we last saw him this past September.

He’s been on The Ellen Show not just once but twice. Ellen gave Sam brand new chapter books, some games and puzzles, plus a lot of encouragement to keep doing what he’s doing: inspiring people across the globe!

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“It’s so amazing because I know she has so many wonderful stories to cover and she has so many great people that she’s had on so the fact that she called back - we were truly humbled and excited about the opportunity to work with her,” said Sam’s mom Stephanie Nerissa White.  

While FOX13 was talking to Sam and his family they were sending Ellen a recorded message to wish her Happy Birthday. Sam said going to The Ellen Show was a lot of fun and even though the second time they saw her was through a Zoom interview he was still thrilled to spread his message of hope and inspiration.

It was also when Sam and his family announced he’s writing his first book entitled “You Can be ABC’s.”  

It will be illustrated by Robert Paul Junior who the family had the chance to choose once Penguin Random House Publishing came to them after their video went viral captivating some 40 million people worldwide including Michele Obama and countless other celebrities.

FOX13′s Amy Speropoulos asked Sam about his book deal.

“It’s really cool,” he said. “It’s going to be a book about me.”

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“Helping children to learn about careers that they may not have known about and then also helping some of the parents to give their children some inspiration about some careers that they may be interested in pursuing,” says Stephanie, Sam’s mom.

Don’t think for one second being thrust into the national spotlight and being seen by millions of people has gone to his head. Sam is still all about helping others and encouraging anyone he sees,

We do a lot of things,” said Sam. “For example, on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day I picked up trash at the Mississippi River banks and I also made a community garden. I also delivered meals to people in November and in December, and I did Christmas baskets and I also volunteered for the Salvation Army.”

As for what Sam wants to do when he grows up - back in September he told us but this time he’s added something to his list.  

“When I grow up I wanna be a talk show host, an architect, and the president!” he said.

His book is set to hit shelves in the fall of 2021 and he’s already thinking about penning book number two.