9-year-old shot in northwest Shelby County, SCSO says

SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — A 9-year-old shot while inside his Northwest Shelby County home late Sunday night.

The family said that he is going to survive but they are terrified and don’t understand who would shoot into their home.

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FOX13 found out the bullet passed through a fence and a wall before hitting the child.

The boy’s sister didn’t want to be identified because she was scared.

The bullet hit her brother in the shoulder.

”He was shot in the front and then the bullet got lodged in the back by his spine. And he began to bleed a lot; we didn’t know what it was. We thought something exploded inside the house. And my father checked around the house and discovered it was a bullet in his back,” his sister said.

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Family members of the victim and neighbors said the neighborhood is usually quiet. They don’t understand what happened.

”It is very scary. It is not something you would think would happen. It’s not something I expected to happen around 8 at night.”

The victim’s sister and family members said they are just grateful the 9-year-old is alive.

“It was definitely a blessing that he didn’t get hit anywhere else. There are a lot of people that get shot and don’t make it so for him to be able to make it is really a blessing,” she said.

The Shelby County Sheriffs’ Department said they do not have any suspects in this case.

SCSO said the boy had surgery Monday night to remove the bullet and is in stable condition at Le Bonheur.

Anyone with information should call Crimestoppers at 901-528-CASH.